a noun, often attributive \ˈjaz\

 a type of American music with lively rhythms and melodies that are often made up by musicians as they play

Every Sunday from 7PM to 8PM

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what we do

The Barbados Jazz Society aims to foster the understanding and appreciation of jazz music and jazz musicians in Barbados.

Promote local talent through live performances and collaborations with the Caribbean and international artists

Support the development and promotion of artistic and musical works in the jazz genre.

Encourage jazz education in the schools through charitable, literary, and social events to lift the standard and interest in jazz music in Barbados and the Caribbean.

To achieve our objectives, we plan to:


live jazz concerts with our local musicians,

with Barbados’ music education programs to support students of jazz music and,

radio and television programs to educate and encourage public dialogue on the art form, and

with Caribbean and international organizations and musicians to promote the appreciation of jazz music in Barbados